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Learning Journeys

The learning journeys are knowledge-exchange activities for stakeholders that SHAPE is developing to transnationally share the experience gained in the different Sustainable Heritage Areas in the development of ecotourism initiatives that maintain and develop cultural and natural heritage assets.

The aims of the learning journeys are:

  • To gain information about the challenges and opportunities for developing sustainable ecotourism.
  • To learn from the experience of the initiatives developed in other Sustainable Heritage Areas.
  • Transformation and development of ecotourism in the SHAs as a result of the learning process.

The Sustainable Heritage Areas involved in SHAPE proposed plans for developing the learning journeys, identified overlapping interest, and designed a program of events in collaboration with key local stakeholders. Local stakeholders interested in the development of sustainable ecotourism were invited to attend the learning journeys.

SHAPE Learning Journeys:

Photo: Rosalind Bryce




How to Prepare Yourself for a Learning Journey:

        • Be curious.
        • Be open-minded.
        • Be ready to change your opinions.
        • Remember to use all your senses.
        • Do not hesitate to ask questions.
        • Facilitate yourself with camera, tape recorder, paper & pen, video camera or other devices you need for making notes.