Creative Marketing

Sustainable Heritage Areas (SHA’s) are rich in both cultural and natural heritage. The assets that creative social media and marketing campaigns can build on to immerse visitors and build unique experiences during their visit.

“Social media and tourism marketing are definitely a good match”

The Shape provides tips to ecotourism businesses on how to best use social media to promote their products and activities (Social Media Report). In this resource, you find two case studies: one related to the use of Facebook by a start-up company in the Biosphere, and a second one engaging a travel blogger to undertake a ‘Biosphere Experience’ and communicate her story.

Read more about effective use of Social Media in ecotourism marketing.

What are the global travel trends? How target key consumer markets? How to effectively reach ecotourism consumers? These questions, and the context of ecotourism market is discussed in our transnational marketing section.

Find the support for using AR and VR in digital marketing

NPA 2013-2020 co-Financed project Digi2Market provides an excellent starting point to get familiar with immersive technologies – such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 360 videos. The project has developed a model of storytelling using immersive technologies. This presents the main technologies, guides the marketing basing on those technologies, and implementation of immersive technology strategy.

The D2M project provides support for 50 SMEs utilising virtual and augmented reality technologies. For instance, Augmented Reality (AR) – based animation and video content provide tangible examples how companies can market sustainability and quality properties of their products.

The project creates an open-access digital service called Digital City, on digital marketing resources, networks and examples. The service is expected to be launched in January 2020.

360 presentations give you the full picture – Please Visit virtual Koli at NK Biosphere

In Shape final Conference, founders of 360 Finland, Rami Saarikorpi and Sami Vuomajoki presented their business on creating large 360 presentations of various companies, tourist attractions, industrial companies and other areas that need extensive introductions.

The latest 360 project on Koli, NK Biosphere, provided an inspiring insight into opportunities of visualizing BR assets and facilities. You may enjoy the summer and winter comparisons, maps of panoramas, or trails available, among others. This type of visualization could perhaps be the next step of marketing ecotourism initiatives developed within the Shape project.