Experiencing the Snæfellsnes Regional Park Coastal Route


“Humbling and inspiring to meet people who are so knowledgable and work so hard to achieve their visions“.     Mary, Scotland.


Snæfellsnes Regional Park has been working towards sustainable and responsible tourism. To achieve that aim they use different tools and work closely with local stakeholders. In SHAPE the Park has developed with local participation different themed routes across the Snæfellsnes peninsula and developed content for the Breiðablik visitor centre, which is a gateway into the area (over 90% of our visitors come this way). This visitor centre is a multi-functional building that serves the local people and their traditions and festivities is a place to attend workshops to develop the local network and a window for guests into the stories and natural landscape of this area. The five municipalities that stand behind the Snæfellsnes regional park have a long history of working together and during this learning journey, the aim was to show how all work together to organise tourism and manage natural and cultural assets.

Aims of Learning Journey

  • Learn about responsible tourism in action, what kind of management is used.
  • Meet the stakeholders and learn about their networking.
  • Visit Breiðablik visitor centre and others across Snæfellsnes – how do local people and companies use the visitor centres.
  • Get to know different types of themed journeys and routes along the coast.
  • Attend practical short courses with local participants, learn about the product development behind the themes routes inside the Snæfellsnes regional park.