Running an eco-friendly and responsible tourism business

Cultural and natural heritage assets are the two main assets of European tourism. Therefore, preserving these very assets that draw tourists to the region ensures both long-term competitiveness of a destination, as well as returns for the tourism product or service providers (PSPs). What role can a tourism product or service provider play in this? Ecological efficiency (eco-efficiency) is one way. What is eco-efficiency in tourism? Ecological efficiency (eco-efficiency) in tourism means using as small material and energy inputs as possible in maximizing the…

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Use your network: Have you connected with the right people?

For many starting a sustainable business activity it may seem that you have to do it all yourself. But rest assured. You are not alone. There are most probably many in your area to learn from and to cooperate with. Pooling your resources is most often to everybody’s advantage. You just have to connect. As the Nordhordland team found out when they sought help and support from our local tourist board in the nearest town, Bergen. Photo: Heidi J. Mongstad. Padletour rundt Radöy.

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