5th Partner meeting in Nordhordland

Presenting results and sharing knowledge Partnermeeting in Fedje, Norway. All the SHAPE partners were present at the 5th Partner meeting in Norway in June. It was finally time to present the first results and sharing experiences based on implantation of the ecotourism initiatives that have been developed. By: Kjersti Isdal – Region Nordhordland Sharing experiences also means sharing knowledge of the assets and challenges in each of the SHAPE partner regions. This was apparent in the 5th partner meeting in June where…

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Visit another Sustainable Heritage Area! – learning opportunities for our stakeholders

By: Rosalind Bryce  – SHAPE Now that the ecotourism initiatives are underway in each SHAPE Sustainable Heritage Area, we are looking forward to one of the anticipated highlights of 2019 – the learning journeys! Learning Journey in Greenland. Shape Project. Learning and connecting with stakeholders from another country The learning journeys will offer opportunities for our regional stakeholders, including local businesses, tourist providers and community representatives from each Sustainable Heritage Area to  meet in another SHA to learn about the ecotourism development…

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Koitajoki Nature Triathlon

By: Daisy Silvennoinen & Timo Hokkanen – North Karelia Biosphere Reserve Can you imagine a “slow” triathlon? Where the goal is enjoying nature and culture, stress free and with no time pressure. That is what our partners in North Karelia BR have developed as part of the SHAPE project. There is of course local food and a sauna at the end of the day! Rafting. Copyright: Sami Niemeläinen. Koitajoki NATURE TRIATHLON combines the best parts of enjoying and getting acquainted with pristine nature…

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Cooperative efforts make visitors stay longer

Providers of services and events in sustainable tourism are often small. In Snæfellsnes regional park they are learning to work together in order to develop their products and make the visitors stay longer. By: Ragnhildur Sigurðardóttir – Snæfellsnes Regional Park Throughout 2019 Snæfellsnes regional park have been hosting a series of workshops for local providers of sustainable tourism services. The aim of the workshops has been to strengthen co-operation between companies and their networks, thereby supporting the companies in product development in their own area as well as developing the region…

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Biosphere Experiences Guide Training

By: Marie McNulty – Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere The Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere have just finished procuring the services of Stef Lauer to run a Biosphere Experiences Guide Training course as part of the SHAPE project. Ten people have signed up for the free training that takes place over two weekends in May and June.  Biosphere Experiences Guide Training. Galloway and Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere. Stef has been involved in various aspects of guiding for over 15 years, including a…

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Darkness and the Stars

Finding what is unique about your area may lead down unexpected paths. In Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere they are exploring the possibilities of enjoying the sky at night – developing “Darkness Tourism”. By Marie McNulty – Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere As the only community in Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park, Glentrool Village is a location for the development of eco-tourism in the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere. Glentrool Village  recently celebrated the dark skies with a Darkness and Stars…

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Collaboration is key: Destination Management Planning

By: Laura Hamlet and Natasha Hutchison  –  Wester Ross Biosphere The key to collaboration is cultivating individual minds and skills sets to design the structure in which everyone works together toward a common goal. In Wester Ross they are working on a Destination Management Plan (DMP), creating a strong support network made up of everyone involved in the ‘guest experience.’ Another critical component is having the desire and ability to learn from best practice in other areas with similar obstacles and opportunities.

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Coastal clean-up 4. May 2019, Snæfellsnes regional park

Snæfellsnes regional park in cooperation with Snæfellsnes ecocertification organised coastal clean-up at four beaches across the peninsula. The inhabitants of Snæfellsnes like to keep their surroundings tidy, which is why a coastal cleanup of the entire peninsula was organised on the 4th of May. This was also part of a Nordic clean up day across the Nordic countries. Groups of volunteers from all the communities took part at four different locations. Although it is often possible to find good things that drift onto the beaches…

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Service Design – Concepts and Methods

Tarja Kupiainen, Karelia UAS Service design (SD) is a holistic, multidisciplinary, integrative field which includes productisation, management, marketing, research, and design. It is focused on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions. The purpose is to innovate new or improve existing services and to make them more useful, usable and desirable for clients as well as more efficient and profitable for the organizing parties. Service design is an approach that focuses on service offerings. It considers touchpoints across channels, interactions at those…

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The SHAPE extended website – – provides an open-access platform for networking and joint development in ecotourism. In this platform, we share our ideas, ongoing development efforts with ecotourism initiatives, and results of transnational collaboration. You are welcome to Join in the Shape and share your ideas and expertise, and collaborate with our transnational network of Sustainable Heritage Areas (SHAs) in Northern Europe and Canada. By: Lasse Okkonen – Karelia University of Applied Sciences Shapingecotourism has been developed as part…

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