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Destination Management Planning (Wester Ross)

Wester Ross Biosphere

Wester Ross, located in northwest Scotland, is dominated by rugged mountains, remote glens and long, steep sided straths (valleys), which extend down to the sea. The conditions are exposed and the terrain difficult to cross and cultivate, leaving the area very sparsely populated – with around 8,000 people over 5,200 km2. People here have been managing the landscape for centuries, and their historical and present knowledge are vital to the future of our economic, cultural and environmental well-being.

Tourism is one of our main industries, alongside agriculture, fishing and forestry. The area is a destination for approximately 100,000 visitors each year, attracted to the vast areas of high-quality natural landscape and our rich cultural heritage, which includes a range of Neolithic archaeological sites as well as traditional activities that are still practiced today, such as crofting and Gaelic music. The traditional ‘Highland Welcome’ is world-renown as we value the sharing aspect of our culture; whether it is the food, traditions, landscapes or local knowledge.