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S2 Who to Engage

Governance Decision-Making Tool

Stakeholder Engagement

How do our priorities influence who we need to engage?

Limited time and funding may make it impractical to engage as large and diverse a range of people as desired with the aims of the designated area. In other words, perhaps you will never manage to engage everyone. There is therefore a need to look back at the overall priorities of the area, and based on this, ask: How should the area and its aims be promoted, and which people and organisations do we most want to engage with it? For example, if the aim is to encourage increased or more sustainable forms of tourism, then engaging organisations linked to tourism will be the priority.

This leads on to subsequent considerations, such as who (or what type of organisation) should be represented within the governance structure, which stakeholders outside of this governance structure need to be engaged with, and what (if any) thematic groups there should be.


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