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S3 Organisations Represented

Governance Decision-Making Tool

Stakeholder Engagement

Who (or what type of organisations) should be represented on the board/steering group?

All designated areas have a form of board or “steering group” that is central to their governance. These are usually a group of volunteers representing specific types of organisations within their area. Sometimes, individuals from outside the area with particular expertise are also invited into the board or steering group, depending on the area’s criteria for recruiting board members. In some cases, local residents are involved on an individual basis, but more commonly represent a community council or other community organisation.

Within the SHAPE project, boards or steering groups of designated areas have typically included representatives from the following types of organisation:

• Local government, municipalities or community councils
• Government agencies (e.g. department for environment)
• Charities and NGOs
• Businesses (e.g. those who rely on tourism)
• National Parks or other protected areas within the SHA.

There were also other organisations included in the boards and steering groups of some SHAPE partners. These included educational organisations such as schools and museums, as well as groups specific to an area, such as indigenous people.


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