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Join us for our final conference in Finland

Join us for our final conference in Finland

Shaping Ecotourism in Partnership: Practical Perspectives

By: Rosalind Bryce – SHAPE

The conference will focus on practical ways of developing sustainable ecotourism in rural areas rich in natural and cultural heritage. Our goal is to help develop tourism that generates local economic value while preserving and enhancing the natural and cultural assets upon which it depends. There is an emphasis in SHAPE on the creation of partnerships that bring together businesses, communities and managers of natural and cultural heritage. We would like to encourage members of these groups who are engaged or interested in ecotourism management and planning to participate in the conference and share their own experiences. The conference will also be of interest to those involved in other tourism-related projects as well as researchers and policy makers interested or active in ecotourism.

Three years of immersion in sustainable tourism

We will present the perspectives and findings from SHAPE during the early part of the conference. This will be followed by a range of thematic workshops during which participants are invited to present their own experiences and perspectives. These discussions will highlight innovative approaches and best practice and explore opportunities for future international collaboration on sustainable ecotourism.

You are invited to contribute a presentation and take part in discussions on the following topics:
• Integrating natural and cultural heritage for sustainable ecotourism initiatives
• Engaging visitors and tour operators with tourism – sustainability issues
• Planning and developing strategies for ecotourism (destination management planning, community engagement, etc.)
• Digital approaches to ecotourism
• Effective governance
• Identifying and engaging with your consumer: effective use of digital media

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit our website.


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