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A hotel with a caring heart

A hotel with a caring heart

In the very heart of the city of Joensuu, Eastern Finland, a just opened Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel invites guests to stay in the spirit of Karelian hospitality. Each of the rooms has a unique design, with both vintage furniture and modern energy saving technology. The decorative details tell stories about local history, culture and nature, and the room names have their roots in the vulnerable Karelian language and dialects.

Photo: Johanna Kokkola.

Responsibility is in the core of the Lietsu’s values. We care for our fellow humans near and far.

We care for nature and the climate. We want future generations to know what it feels like when the winter’s first snowflake touches your cheek, and how birdsong jingles in a spruce forest. We share. We laugh, cry and rejoice together. Nobody is left alone.

At Lietsu Hotel, the amount of waste is minimized and the remains are sorted and recycled. There is always cleaning to be done in a hotel, but it does not have to take place every morning, and it is taken care that the detergents do not harm the environment. Also, the consumption of water, energy and consumables are monitored. Materials that are harmful for nature are deterred, and the facilities steered clear from plastics whenever possible.

Photo: Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel.

The guests are gently encouraged to use water and energy in moderation, and tips are given for using public transport, cycling and going on foot. After all, there is so much to see when you step outside and leave the car behind! When it comes to food, Lietsu people just love the local products. Organically grown and vegetarian food is served as much as possible.

Sustainable travel for Lietsu is all above, and much more. We encourage people to enjoy the local experiences and pure tastes, feel the four seasons of the Northern Biosphere, and respectfully learn about the region’s history and culture. We attract our guests to stay longer by providing activities with our local partners, which helps also the regional economy to bloom. Sustainable choices are the key for the longevity of the business.

Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel